Oxana Taran  Phantom site 4  2012
  • Oxana Taran Phantom site 4 2012

    Ball point on paper

    71 x 108 cm 

    framed 115 x 78 cm 

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    • serie : Phantom site /Lost city

      For Oxana Taran, memory plays an important part. To understand her

      drawings, paintings, and spatial installations, it is necessary to know something of her childhood in Kiev, Ukraine, and about the geographical and intellectual migration that has marked her life. Since she left her native town, flexibility is the feature par excellence that characterizes her . Taran continuously adapts to othercultures, to foreign languages, new ways, different poeple, to a new lifestyle, or asshe puts it herself, to an «almost schizophrenic way of life»:she does not live ino,e world, but in several worlds and realities at once , which despite their resemblances have little in common.

    • framework

      wood frame and anti uv glass 

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