B2Fays’ Process – Documentary of Srini Vassan

B2Fays’ paintings or interactive installations, made of layers, are the base of a digital palimpsest, drawing an arborescence in the memories of the canvas. Béatrice de Fays creates interactive installations, developed from various means and techniques, in order to propose to the visitor to enter the « space » of the painting. “I am a painter… I invite the visitor to come into painting, which means within sense, through material, images, sounds, and networks” ____Layer by layer, sequence after sequence, the story is being written, and then erased… as a palimpsest. My painting is made of many steps of creation: fragments of images superimposing or being repeated, generating different ways in the memory of the canvas. Layer by layer, sequence after sequence, the story is becoming a part of the canvas and then simultaneously erased as a palimpsest. An arborescence is therefore being created.. a new story is being told. ____The body of the painting leaves the walls … to become a sensitive interface … The painting is progressively coming away from the walls in order to become a projection support : a sensitive interface revealing, layer by layer, the intangible space of the work being created. It’s a world perpetually changing that is being opened : the body of the painting is leaving the walls, the body of the visitor is travelling into the pictorial space and meeting the visual and sonorous space in a movement of continuous transformation. ____An interactive multimedia device bringing into play the body of who’s crossing it … My interactive installations are based on the visitor which is located in the centre of the work. Immersed in the visual and sonorous material, his presence is captured by a camera and generating a transformation of the crossed universe, getting the shape of a pictorial and musical action, immediately perceptible. Layer by layer, his body is revealing and becoming the sensitive space of the work being created.. ____Creating an intercession, a breath … using distinct and complementary means … in order to connect the living Each one of my paintings has got the mark of its place of conception and can be distinguished through its external influences and the events surrounding it. Between a tangible reality connected to the broadcasting space and its poetic reinterpretation, there is the creative magic of an artistic process proposing the renewal of our perception of the world through a personal experience. The pictorial expression is impregnated with actions and reactions of the men who leave their trace on both spatial and temporal environment, a trace that in its turn, leaves its mark on them. That’s the creative chain I offer through my pictorial and interactive works. »